Random Tech Talk

I was going to share S.W.A.T.S Website but it’s not there. Kinda reminds me of how Mission Farms was not coming up until less than 2 months ago.

When someone has a hacker don’t lie about your receipts of email.

The agencies and police will know that it’s a lie. Also, emails can’t usually be reversed without a trail.




Secret Service

Homeland Security


Police Force


Some of the Colleges

And ICE can see that you got the message.

When I get to talk to ICE I will need to ask them if I should contact the OCC office about my four bank accounts that have been targeted. I’ve never called the OCC before. I think my hacker is calling my bank saying stupid things etc. The bigger issue is hackers can also send people to walk right in your bank with no trace of a call or a message.

Hackers can do that.

I’ve experienced plenty of this. If they know someones locations they can turn in students, call in complaints on any places you visit, report your church and then adding insult to injury act like it’s you. 

When denying the receipt of an email, text, phone call or message, knowing somethings wrong, you would be doing someone an injustice.

Keep your reputation for being a honest, trustworthy individual or reliable business or service. Come through for your customers, friends and neighbors, past, present and future.

I say this because me and my son are technological terror victims and I’m sure many people see a person being hacked as an opportunity to lie… To hide or get over on something not related to the actual problem. Some hackers will even spread rumors of their targets being suicidal or depressed in their locations. By doing this they are trying to increase a less safe future for their victims.

This is the new age of technology and we need to address real issues with new laws, public awareness, and rapid response.

I’ve sent out a lot of messages and I plan on asking the people I emailed for hard copies of what they received. It could be different then what was sent. As I sent someone a list of needs almost a year ago and I don’t think they got it. Technology can completely disrupt a family unit, business relationships, access to healthcare, education amongst other things.

Our tech terror has been going on for over 5 years with absolutely no justifiable or legal reason.

One solution to the problem is lifelogging. You should print your emails.

Cutting articles out of the newspaper is another form of lifelogging.

This countries support system will still come through for us. We have to do this if not for ourselve,s for our kids. Beautiful things come from being united.


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