Delsea High School Academic Videos Aren’t Coming Up On the YouTube



I actually emailed one of my sons old English teachers over a week ago. She responded.

I noticed Delsea Highschool’s academic videos don’t come up on the YouTube at all.

Me and Delsea go way back as I attended Middle School and High School there.  I use to be a cheerleading coach for the Delsea Knights. My son also was in attendance at Delsea High School.

Back when I was at Delsea I use to do the lip sync contest and for the first two years my group won. The third year I was busy.

You would be surprised what people can do that you never thought they would or could do. There is authentic power in believing that others can do things that are beyond your imagination.

Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani

He has not forsaken me or my son and He never will because of what was completed on the cross.

With that said…

Since people digitally terrorized me and my son (as a minor), that the hackers must have targeted some of the students at Delsea and the Franklin Township Police should look into it. Most of the kids in this school are minors. They might have looked into it already and we’ll know because the phone calls will be there.

Protect the children and those who protect them.



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