What the Police Need to Know

The police should keep their eyes peeled. Years ago in Texas they tried to microchip the students but they couldn’t get it to stick. This was during the Obama administration.

The government will change it’s approach and instead try to get the police to mess up so bad that they can justify chipping the police.

Once they chip the police they think the police will take the attitude of what’s good for me is good for you.

If there is someone telling the police to do illegal things please try to do the right thing.

We also have an issue with government staff and non-government individuals misusing and weaponizing data.

Unfortunately, if we do not take this issue with hackers accessing GPS head on the husbands will want to start to chip their wives or at least have them wear something that has a chip.


Public opinion of getting microchip is clear. They don’t want them to be a requirement or be forced to wear them.

Microchips can be placed in a whole lot of other things. We should also require that this be on the labels of products.

If any of the police in any of the towns are having a hard time you might want to check with the Mayor. If your Mayor is doing things that endanger the citizens turn them.

Most Mayors are hard working and great people.






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