I Just Talked To An Officer – Hacker Awareness

Hacking is beyond an annoyance and no one should have to live that way. It’s one of those things that needs to be fixed.

Today I got to talk to one of Glassboro’s Officers and he gave me a case number. He’s always polite.

I gave the officer a little sound bite “I can’t live this way”. LOL I’m not dying and I’m not suicidal but I always think about sound bites from politics. That’s when they take a short phrase out of context.

Maybe I will run around the neighborhood pulling my hair out screaming, “I can’t live this way!

I know this is a serious topic and for those who struggle with the world please seek professional help… I mean that sincerely.


When I say it takes a lot to push me to the edge I mean it. I’m not a violent or mean person and I don’t turn on myself. I’ve never had the opportunity to completely flip out…But I tend to do scream praying on very extremely rare occasion. If I scream something is very wrong.

There are times where I visualize, in my mind, left and right hooking people.

Us women don’t act on these thoughts but many times we think it.


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