Dumb Criminals

I was just watching one of those dumb criminals videos and I have to say… I’ve seen my fair share in Glassboro. One day I was at the 7 Eleven and kids were stealing chips. They were like a dollar and I explained to them how nasty it was that they shoved them under their shirts then put them back on the shelf. These kids looked like they just left sports and it was gross. I told them they should buy them but they didn’t listen. They didn’t steal them though.


I might have told on them. I can’t remember but it was awful.

You know some criminals try to do things like fake insanity. The chances of getting by on an insanity plea is like nill so you might as well not commit crimes.

The worse part about criminals is they will ask another criminal for advice. Then they are all sitting there twiddling their thumbs.

Then you have the sleepwalkers.

You know the criminals who try to lie and say they were sleeping when they physically mauled someone to death.

Bells and whistles go off near me at night because I have a motion detector but I’ve caught my sister turning it off before when I’m trying to sleep. I had one eye open and she didn’t see me staring at her.


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