The Real Deal – The Gifts of God



People who have the gifts of God are not Antichrist. One of the biggest mistakes made in the church is calling other people Antichrist. This is equal to calling someone a racist slur…It’s a derogatory term.

I confess that I’ve called people this…God forgive me after people said such things about us. I know how it feels to be so certain of something that you just say it. What’s important is who you say it to.

Example, I wouldn’t run around telling foreign leaders someones child is the Antichrist. Why? Because the person who does that would not be allowed in the circle of trust because they are messing with peoples kids.

My son and I are not Antichrist.

We love but the devil will always be looking to raise up an Antichrist so hell can have your soul.

People get mad when you refuse to condemn God. We have never condemned God.

When God decides that it’s not time for the Antichrist He removes the man who wants to be The Antichrist.  The Antichrist is a man who will lead a system that seems Godly but is not.

A man or woman wanting to be powerful is not the same as a person who wants to be Antichrist. Rich men and rich women are not the Antichrist. They might use their power in the wrong way and make a few wrong turns but that does not guarantee Antichrist status.

Transgender is an issue because there will be men who look like women. Transgender people will also have to choose the many paths that God has created because all things in the heavens and the earth are Gods creation. We should also pray for them and that they make the right decisions. You can make direct request to God in prayer.

The Antichrist will choose to be Antichrist by their own free will unless it’s do to nanotechnology. Then it will seem to be free will when it’s not.

God does predestine us but we are made in Gods image and when his child protest and when his kids scream and pray and when we say, “Father creator of heaven and earth I confess that I must concede to you and that you own all the heavens and the earth that you control everything… The good, the bad and the indifferent and I do not want to be evil and I do not want to be Antichrist and I do not want my children to be evil please save us all from this designation.”

He answers and places you on another path that He mapped out for you. This is a prayer for Fathers and Mothers.

You may also want to pray that God restores your free will if you have sacrificed it.

God restore our free will in Jesus Christ Name

Prayer is complicated when you are not listening to the Holy Spirit. Many times Gods Will is not in alignment with your desires.

Another thing to consider when dealing with the fleshly nature is swift judgments. We all can pray that we are slow to judge and given the wisdom and knowledge necessary to exist with everyone on earth. This prayer protects everyone who walks the earth because there is too much that people can lie about.

I visit many congregations sometimes just leaving a prayer, requesting a prayer, saying a message or giving donations. I just stopped by a Catholic Church a couple days ago.

The Antichrist plots. He calls innocent Christians Antichrist to try to get the church to attack them. He recruits other demons to hold his spirit… Choosing people who will carry out his sinful will.

Pray without ceasing because when people have the spirits of the church all kinds of road blocks will be thrown up for them. Demons do this because they want the people to starve and die. 

The Antichrist…He tries to kill Gods children but will fail time and time again because Gods military, His Army and His people will not die. They will live in the flesh and in the spirit forever.

Heaven is not FULL because God never said he’d stop kicking people out.

God still anoints people with the power to love beyond belief and to part the seas.

Pray to God to remove some of the sin so His Blessed children can rise. Also pray for God to have mercy on those who do not know proper doctrine because the church has rejected them. How can you judge those who you refused to love as a sister or brother?

Many never learn proper doctrine because of where they were born.

The church sometimes rejects people because there is a higher designation for them, or they don’t like the message, or because His Temple is due for a cleansing.

In their rejection, in their hate, in their self deception they should still fall on their knees and pray to God because that is love.


Pray for your self, pray for others and pray for your enemies.



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