Goodwill, Dunkin Donuts, Dollar Tree

This is one of the most funny random post. You can handle it.

I am working on my blog today. I am at the Glassboro Dunkin Donuts and then I will be heading to Goodwill and the Dollar Tree. If you want to find me you can call any of these locations.

Another random fact…

Yes, I still look like this. I do need an esthetician and a little tea and some rest but that’s it.

We all know when taking photo’s it’s all about the angle.

And the hacker thing again…

I am in Glassboro NJ you all know I have a hacker so look up any business or church in the area and just call and ask them to find me.

There is obviously interruptions in my personal communication resources. Everyone knows I am just a respectable, kind and determined woman with a teen.

A random prayer…

I prayed to God in Jesus name to raise up women and their children. Amen.


The cats eye and then X on my cheek is real. I didn’t edit the photo. Gods funny.

It reminds me of the photo from the Sistine Chapel where there is Mary and Joseph and Joseph has an X on his face. This is not the first time. I had read in a religious study book one time that Jesus used an X as his signature.

Lets talk about some random hiking…

One day I was hiking at the William B Umstead park and took photos and there it was again a huge X above my head made of tree branches.

What else… I prayed to God to give me multiple choices for a good husband and for them to be powerful because people always target me and it’s the best way to keep me safe.

Thanks for reading my random post.


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