I Talked To An Officer

When I called the police I was my usual sleep deprived self. They didn’t meet me where I was but instead they saw me doing my usual stroll. This was on the 27th of December.

When I first spoke to the dispatcher.

I made mention of a previous call. No one will understand unless you were part of the conversation but I mistakenly said that I called the Glassboro Police but they wouldn’t patch me through to Elk Township when what I meant to say was I called the Glassboro Police and they told me to talk to Elk Township but then Elk Township would not come out. That’s why I wanted the Glassboro Police to facilitate the call.

You probably don’t know why I am mentioning it if you won’t understand…Because that’s what I’m like. I correct my mistakes.

When the cops came out tonight I had an officer ask me the same question over and over again even though I answered him correctly the first time. We’ve got to stop interrogating the victims in New Jersey.

I told him that I will happily sign some complaint’s because people keep on moving and stealing my belongings where I live and now they’re messing with my food. They’re trying to make an excuse to separate me from my son even though I am a really good mom. People got mad that I’m such a great mom and started acting stupid and now that I’m going towards a multi-million dollar lawsuit after them treating me like garbage for over 5 years they’re scared.

People are always scared of me. I am so loving and I can’t understand why. Especially since I am the victim here. How are you going to abuse someone then act scared of them?

Me thinks me not the vindictive one they are.

OK back to the cops interrogating victims.

I am a victim of terror and targeting that still has not stopped. Some police are good and some discriminate against people based on religion, sex or even color.

I’ve personally been nothing but nice but if a man threatens to rip your head off then you should call the police. I’m sure the other police will correct the man who handled my complaint. Adults have to correct each other.

I have found time and time again that even though I am the victim I am treated as the bad guy.

The cops have the power to raise money and help me and my son. They’ve had this power for years. They know we are nice people with clean records that volunteer in the community.

When departing I did ask the officer if he had a anymore questions and then he said yeah and ask me the same question that I answered earlier. So then I looked at the other office who heard me answer him the first time and I said, “Can you answer that?”. Then he said, “no” and I thought to myself why I am I bothering to have this conversation.

I’m not worried about anything anymore because I contacted President Trump about what has been happening to us and asked for Safe Haven even if it is temporary in Russia. I still have to take care of that lawsuit. It’s difficult with this technological terrorism.


*this is a work in progress



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