Chemtrails Have Nanotechnology


Chemtrails have nano technology that can interfere with your brain chemistry and body movements. There was a change of the contents of the chem-trails. This is not a conspiracy. This type of thing happens all the time with out consumers knowing it.

Have you ever had a product that you loved that seemed like it changed all of a sudden? Then compared labels and noticed the ingredients changed?

They need to taper off the chem-trails.

Chances are the military is just going to have stop it because sending military to war under the influence of chem-trails would be like leading the sheep to slaughter. Many military personnel probably have no clue what is actually being sprayed.

We as in Christ children or Children of God have decided and are in agreement with the Holy Spirit that it has to stop now. The mass experimentation has to end. The people did not give permission.

If we stop this now we can probably add at least 80-100 years before technology overcomes us.

We have a problem with end timers in America who are leaders who are suicidal. Meaning spraying things that can hurt them and their children and their grand children.

There is no need to allow these people to lead when they need a physician to figure out why they would take part in this in the first place.

No one should promote, encourage, invest in or distribute materials that would hurt the American people or our allies. Minus the obvious materials that we use for war.

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