New Stalking Issues


People in authority bribing individuals families is nothing new but now with hacking technology… Things can get complicated.

This is 100% real scenario not speculation.

Lets say a person of authority says he’s sleeping with you but he is not or he thinks someones wife or girlfriend is attractive.

He can locate a family member through Social Media by GPS’ing them and then offer them money.

They steal your clothes and your stuff ends up at their house.

Why would they do that?

Men and Women haven’t changed. We are hunters and social media has empowered stalkers.

They see someone they like. They get caught hacking them and then they make up a lie that they know the person to get out of trouble. People with money or just time on their hands will stalk for fun. This is very harmful to the targets.

They contact a weak link in their family…offer them money and then your stuff ends up at their house. People will think you know them when you don’t know them at all.

This goes for other pieces of property. Such as hard copies of business plans, proposals, books and other valuable property etc.

This is reality and nothing compared to the other things people have been doing.



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