How Far They Have To Come Matters


When a man has to go five houses away to correct something he’s usually not that mad.

I mean he’s mad but not that mad.

When he has to leave work to correct something but it’s only 15 minutes away.

Aggravating not that big of a deal but he might be fuming if it cuts into something else.

Some guys rarely get mad.

Now if he’s got to get on a plane and travel from a different state you can pretty much guarantee someones in trouble and it’s probably not his wife because he has to live with her.

It might be her too but hey.

Now if he’s in another country and he actually gets on a plane…Travels overnight… Well lets hope for the best.

Just run if he’s got other guys with him…just run. Hide somewhere anywhere just hide.

The laws on your side though because he’ll want to get back to where he came from.

Now if the law takes bribes.

Well… you’re back to hiding.


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