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I did have a previous blog before this one and I download the information but here are some of my blogs from I will be scanning some of my blogs in that were deleted. Good thing that I printed them.

This is who I am. Click Here. The only thing that has changed is that I no longer have an addiction to decaf coffee because I am preparing for a few things.

As far as my personality goes. I don’t care what people who don’t care about me thinks.  They literally don’t exist to me. They don’t matter because I maintain joy and happiness and I do so by realizing who doesn’t matter.

Check out my blogs if something is not spelled write ignore it. I’ve been targeted

 Inventions and Hacking

In the blog below if you click on the word “invention” it will bring you to a Prezi labeled Curing Cancer…The date on the Prezi was changed without my consent because someone, with a lot of money, tried to steal my invention.

I am a descendant of Harriet Tubman Ross. Click here to see the post of how hackers have tried to steal my inventions after I wrote the White House. 

My Hacker Story- Click Here

Throwing Out My Job Application

Job Application in the Trash- click here

Post About Narcissism

Here are my post about Narcissism I have experienced this in my life. Hacker moved some of my post. I know what abuse is like in fact I wrote the White House about it back when the Obamas were in office. I’d take a lie detector on that.

Narcissistic Smear Campaigns – Click Here

The Dangers of Narcissistic Fathers and Games of Sociopaths- Click Here

Narcissistic People and Illness- Click Here

Mental Health Matters More and More on Narcissism- Click Here

This is a Post About Health Care For Women Of Color

Politics, Women, Abuse, Ellen Craft and Juanita Craft –Click Here

Condoleezza Rice

Check out this post about her – Click Here

Google Is Interfering With Elections

See what happened to Ben Jealous- Click Here This is illegal. He could sue. Class Action.

Public Notice on Michelle Obama and James Comey

Click Here

Dual Citizen Ship

I had posted this more than once. A hacker had taken it down. The previous one was more detailed. – Click Here

School Is Cool

Here are some samples of my sons home-school work. This technological hacking has made it difficult for him to get an education but we do our best. He’s 19 now and already has enough work for all his High School credit. Vincent has been in the paper for having such great grades but he is still being blocked from living and getting an education where he wants. This is the problem with technological terror. Click here.

*I can be reached at

Dana Guidera
PO Box 582
Glassboro, NJ 08028


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