An Officer Visited Us At The Library

Today I invited an officer to come down to the library so I could report an issue. Me and my son were on the computers at his time of arrival… Computers number 11 and 13.

The officer filmed the visit and my handsome baby was in the background.

While speaking to said officer I had on my serious face because the issue is serious and if I am sweet to him he won’t take me seriously because I am under 5’5″.

Now… He’s going to look really dumb if he said that I’m a fraud and really not a nice person because there’s a time and place for everything. Me and my son have been terror victims for over 5 years and he was barely a teen when this all started. He’s 19 now and neither of us did anything wrong. Please don’t say you find it hard to believe because the slaves didn’t do anything wrong either. This is not a situation of criminals just not getting caught.

Barely anyone would help or stop the terror. I told President Trumps people since before he was President. Me and my son are Gods elect and this should never be done to his elect.

My son is one of the nicest best children ever.

People don’t believe that we are His Elect and that will be up to God to show you beyond any reasonable doubt in Jesus Christ name.

Me and the officer did have a good convo though.

However… while talking I misspelled the word misspelled because I am suffering and now I have to call the cops and have one of my relatives carted off to jail…Different Issue, same day. Then I have to watch another two to make sure they’re not plotting.

Thank God I study politics and know that the time to deal with this is now. This is not a game to me and I don’t think it’s funny at all but it kind of reminds me of old England. People do crazy things in politics like pay people to say nasty things about you. You even have to monitor the money of the churches now because of politics.

The man I’m calling the cops on has been damaging my property when I am not at home, going through my things without permission and threatened to kill me. He’s been blowing smoke on our freshly washed clothes when I’m not home and pouring nail polish remover on my clean clothes and pouring it on the 20.5 inch deep couch that I’ve been sleeping on. Needless to say I stink but I some how still manage to look good.

I look way badder than my usual but still good. I’ll recover, you’ll see but my feet should not be looked at right now. They were so pretty when I arrived here. Big but pretty none-the-less. 9.5 usually half size in either direction.

I know half of this is a set up and whoever is attached to my hacking is playing a political game where they want to try and pin stuff on me and my son and destroy our family. People had to be using Artificial Intelligence to disrupt our lives this bad and for so long. this is what happened to Miriam Carey. No one believes that she was mentally ill and the people who shot her had no idea what was going on.

I feel bad for the citizens of New Jersey. I just feel so bad. When things happen I always think, “What if that were me?” Right now it is me and we all should be thinking…”What if it were me?” Women of color have to question how much our country values them…So should young men of color.

Me and the people are tired of such political games. It get’s old real quick. I’m hoping that no one tries to bail out people who tried to intentionally hurt me for no reason ,regardless of shade, but instead do what is right. The people who should be helped are me and my son. The others can get lawyers.

I have to call the cops now. At least my son got to eat his food before we headed to the library.

My one relative is jealous of me having a child so they are no fun either. She weaponizes lies and actual said to me that she doesn’t care if she goes to jail forever. There’s some type of bad influence with her but I’ve tried to talk to her for the last 5+ years and it’s gotten no where. She’s been literally trying to ruin my life for over half a decade for absolutely no reason. At the same time we were getting hacked nonstop. Well there could be a reason but I’m not sure. She looks like me except she is heavy and I had shared with her that I had been in contact with Larry A. Thompson about an Oprah film but after hearing Oprah didn’t want the film made I aired on the side of caution. I emailed Oprah and encouraged her to make the film herself. After all it’s her life.

It’s obvious to me that I would have been the smaller version of Oprah and her the fuller figured but she kept attacking me. I’m still trying to figure out how many people she lied to. Don’t worry…I’ve never asked her to read this page so she can’t sue me for it.

Common sense should have told her that after over 5 years of trying to ruin 2 peoples lives that God is carrying them. Me and my son are under the Providence of God. I can’t lie to you all…I am really disappointed. We all know how to love and we should love better and faster.

I’ll have to take the stress off on the treadmill…maybe a little elliptical.  If told you what I have been through you’d be praying to God too. Moms matter. Man we’ve lost our way and we have to find it. I repeat…moms matter.


I’ve got a kid with a crystal clean background and has excellent grades and I can’t mess up his future for her or the others.

I checked our phone and it is still blocked for no reason. You can’t even call to comfort us but God is our comfort and that’s why we still have joy.

Oh yeah, I lost track…Back where we started. I called the police to come over to the library.


The officer was polite but the dispatcher needs a vacation. I’m beginning to think all the dispatchers need a vacation and when they go… I’m going with them because the stuff that goes on in this town is ridiculous. the reason I called is because an ATM in Glassboro has an issue…I noticed an error in the address on the receipt. I cross referenced it with my bank statements and they did not match. He said he will ask the store about the misspelling and the chances of fraud.

My biggest concern is I think the owners of the store might be being targeted. Anyone can mess up a stores ATM. They’ll be OK…but I’m not using their ATM anymore until they tell me it’s safe.



Glassboro Police Department had a really neat program here at the library where they did police dog demonstrations and me and my son attended that.

These dogs are actually really sweet dogs. Vincent and I bumped into a police dog another day and It was cute. I love dogs but I like cats more.




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