Can’t Wait To Meet Pope Francis


This photo was under the free to share section in Google but other photos seems to have found there way in.

What’s going on…

I’m typing this fast because I have to get offline so follow it the best you can and I will clean it up tomorrow.
I will be writing a Bishop tomorrow, Calling Secret Service (Just called Secret Service Delaware because the system is corrupt in New Jersey) I am not saying the Secret Service is corrupt. I’ll be emailing Homeland Security tomorrow.

Had more hacking attacks today.

I know part of my attacks are because I am not Gay. What makes a person gay is them having same sex intercourse. There is a push for Gay people in politics here in the United States. I’ve been under attack for over 5 years.
The Gay community is not going to be angry at me for saying that because Gay people are nice like everyone else. They understand that there are people like me who don’t want to be Gay.

People tried to call me a closet lesbian because I won’t have sex outside of marriage. It’s not that I won’t admit that I am gay it’s that I have no interest in having sex with a woman.
Then someone had people spread lies that I had broken the law so the churches would not help. We have not had sufficient help in NJ at all.
I have a bunch of lawsuits but now they’re trying to wipe my data.
Tonight I have been dealing with people trying to wipe my flash drive.
It’s time to investigate Google and find out who at Google has an overlapping background with an agency.
Maybe my book deal will come through. I told the company I sent it to that they can forward it to another company.



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