Went Out to Little Sicily’s With A Veteran


Two days ago I went out to Little Sicily’s in South Jersey with a veteran. We had some Stromboli and pizza. It was delicious.  Huge Guy! He served in the military for 20 years and has a degree in Recreational Therapy. We had some great conversation and he says some of the funniest things.

During the meal I had to correct some of his hand gestures that he uses. They were inappropriate and I know that he speaks to everyone with hand jesters like this but he can’t do that around me. Him and I are just friends but from the view of a camera it would have looked interesting.

He talked about the 5 Steps involved in Major Crisis and I wrote them down.

  1. Everyone sees it.
  2. Everyone ignores it.
  3. Everyone accepts it.
  4. Everyone tries to appease it.

Then when everyone realizes the problem is serious…

5. Everyone fights against it.

We have a problem with evil in our country and with technological warfare and I hope we are finally ready to fight against it.

He agreed with me about the hacking and the  tracking and he said it’s a problem.



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