No Husband Required To Run For President


Today I got to speak to a man sporting a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt and he said to me, “Don’t you need a husband to run for President?” and I said nope.

This is a fact look it up.

What else…???

This is not a jab at Oprah.

People keep trying to speak stuff into existence.

They have been very disappointed with the outcome.

I am traditional but the men don’t seem to like it. I’m not having sex until I am married because I respect myself.


People have been saying crazy stuff to try to oppress me for years and I reported some of it to the FBI and printed it. Some people will say anything and are easily paid off. I leave that stuff at the foot of the Cross in Jesus Christ name. May He judge where necessary to clear the path for me and my son forever.

We have been victims of terror for over 5 years and someone has to fix the problem. I am not exaggerating.  The Secret Service is looking into it. Praise the Lord.




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