Not a Time to Judge


Ignorant Judges

If someone is going through abuse

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Technological
  • Political
  • Financial
  • Religious

Judging them as a person or their character should not happen when you know that years and years of that wears on them.

We all know that’s not what we are suppose to do, especially to the vulnerable.


Lying About Helping

We should never lie and say we helped a person that we never helped and are not planning to help. We don’t need a reason to do right but lying about doing right when you know you didn’t and aren’t going to do right is wrong. One persons lying delays the individual in need from getting help. It could be a rich or poor person in need…It’s the lying that delays help.

If you are going to help someone just help them.


Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know

If you knew about something and you pretend you didn’t know please know that God knows. This is a fact.


Judging Others

There will be times when you think you are judging others but you are the one in judgement. It could be one person or an entire group.


Talking About A Problem

Talking about a problem isn’t the same as fixing the problem in a healthy way.


Speaking Face to Face

The truth comes out when people speak face to face. However, some people will lie to your face.



You have many chances to make good choices. Make good choices.


Know When People Are Lying To You

One way people destroy peoples lives and businesses is by lying to them. They will say I’ve got your back, or you won’t get in trouble and I’ll protect you. This is a lie. Misery loves company and they know what they are telling you is bad and that you will get in trouble. They just want to be in control of ruining you. You will get thrown under the bus.


Do Right From The Beginning

I admit, I have a very strong tendency to do the right thing from the very beginning. Doing wrong doesn’t cross my mind too much. Try to do right from the beginning and stay away from people who try to convince or force you to do wrong. They won’t do right by you. They have a major character flaw.


Try Not To

Try not to stick your fingers in your ears too much when using the library computer it’s gross. Take the rest of what I said seriously because it’s serious. It’s not a joke. Stop thinking it’s a joke.


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