Peters Shields Inn Cape May And A Few Random Things


Peter Shields Inn

Yesterday I was looking at a book that me and my son own and I came across this restaurant Peter Shields Inn in Cape May. I shared the book with a couple people at the Barnes and Noble on 11/12/2018.

We both would like to go there because the food looks so good. You can view pictures of their food on Yelp. We have to go there.


Random Thoughts

I spoke to a nice man and his wife yesterday at the Barnes and Noble. You never know who you’ll meet while out and a man I keep seeing with a hat on his head.

I did meet one lady at the McDonald’s yesterday who got upset with me when I didn’t actually say anything to her. I was speaking to an employee and then she approached me frustrated.

She told me to pray for discernment but she was so mad I think I need to pray for her.

I also got to talk to two guys and one of them looked like Jesus. We talked about the government. Then I mentioned how more people should be fined for littering.




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