Talking Points on God


When God Starts Judging

Running out of water. Then fires. Then earthquakes. Then flooding. Simultaneously death.  He judges in other ways too but this is in line with the level of sin of the people. If just a few turn from sin then judgements often subside.

When God starts judging…

It comes from your sin not the person that you sinned against. The best thing is to do the Will of God and not wait to repent through voice, action and deed.

God wants people to help those whom He has chosen. He doesn’t want you concentrating on seeking vengeance.

He wants you to tend to the things He said to tend to.

Vengeance is His.

The Devil Quoted the Bible

Many times the devil will quote the bible. These false Prophets will not speak openly without reserve and publicly about Christ. They prowl around quoting scriptures behind the scene but when asked in a public environment they will act ashamed.

Anyone can quote scripture and wear necklaces that look like crosses.

People who love Christ can have pink hair, be rude sometimes, and make all kinds of mistakes. It just means that they are struggling in their walk with Christ. Maybe even they are just being authentically who they are.

Doing Right Swiftly

Only the Devil tells you to wait on something you know that God has told you to do. When we sin we are self destructive. Is it worth it? Or is this person that I am sinning for worth it? You know the answer is no.

Sin is sin but there are certain things that God prioritized.

God does not ask for perfection. He doesn’t say look this way or walk this way he just says be in me and I in you.

Stay Away From Religions

Stay away from religions that say to kill the women, kill the children, kill the men. These are not beneficial to Gods plan of miracles, His miracles of life.

The Churches Struggle

The Churches have been struggling because some have fallen to idols and other have been lied to and believed the lie. They’ve taken bribes and helped those who are dismissive of God. Church Congregations need to repent just as the individual.

Do Not Assume

Do not assume what people will do or draw conclusions about their faith, religion or personal practices unless you get to know them. Saying things like “I just know they’ll”, “You know they’re gonna” etc. When people do this to a stranger they often are projecting and they are lacking in acceptance.

You Will Not Know

You will not know what God is trying to do unless you pray to God and accept what he has sent.

God Doesn’t Want To Control You

God doesn’t want to control you. He wants to love you. He knows who you are and how you feel in your heart and what you need to do for you.



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