When People Say Why Aren’t You Ready

Random Thoughts

When people say why aren’t you ready? I say, “Baby I’ve been ready… You’ve been misinformed.”

I noticed one way people hold each other down is by saying someone else is not ready or they need more of this or more of that but they aren’t saying it with good intentions.

Talk to the source or communicate directly with the source when possible. Sometimes the middle man is playing both sides and looking for personal gain. Us adults know that no one has to ask us directly to do right. We are suppose to just do it.

This is the Wisdom of God. May the Power of God overflow in the life of those who do Gods Will without reserve…Without being told.



Weaponry at the Pawn Shop


On a side note I visited a pawnshop and saw some neat weaponry a crossbow, a sword, yada yada yada. They had some neat rings. I’m always fascinated by some of the Vintage stuff that turns up there.

My son likes to pawn stuff. He is always asking me to go there. I know some people think bowling and pawnshops are low class and that’s OK.

Those people aren’t in touch with the majority of our population. You can meet some cool people at the pawnshop…You can also meet someone who robbed someone else at the pawnshop and make them really nervous by staring at them and asking them questions about what they’re selling while in line.

That’s why I don’t do the stealing thing. There has to be some measure of guilt inside the person.


Volunteering at Church

We volunteered at a church today but my pictures won’t come through. Last year we were on the food prep squad. I breaded the oysters. This year I dried dishes and my son organized the breads.  As I said our photos won’t come through. One did for our church activity.


Two big bins of bread. Vincent did a super job.


Years and years of technological harassment and me and my son are still the better people.

Right now I am listening to Gustav Holst Planets: The Winged Messenger

We are all always responsible for each other in someway. Reach out and do good.


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