Melania Trump’s Not Hotel Stay

There’s a lot of talk about the FLOTUS’s hotel bill. These things are complicated. The bill was high, yet she didn’t even stay there when she went to Africa.

When the first lady arrived, her security could have sensed something was wrong and advised her to stay elsewhere, or she may have simply felt scared. Once again, these things are very complicated. We have no idea if there was something or someone present that alarmed them. It’s best to not assume. Life can cost a lot more based on your position.


The bill came to $95,000, and sometimes hotels will not issue refunds. Regardless, the FLOTUS has been working for free for decades. The $95,000 would calculate in four years to equal est. $24K a year in salary. Of course, there are other perks to consider. I used to work part-time while making 33K per year and had more freedom. Melania use to make several 100K per year prior to being FLOTUS. I’m not sure if that number is the same or less.

In a truly evolved society women should be able to talk about salary without being accused of being greedy, gold diggers, or less caring.

What I am saying is that, even if the President gives away his check, he still gets one (in the name of Jesus) to distribute as he chooses.

FLOTUS Melania’s time in the White House is short. Let’s look at the good things that she is trying to do. Four years is not that long in regards to charitable service. In other things, however, it is a long time.

I think they should change the Presidency to five years. It could be done this presidency if someone introduced it. It’s more likely to happen on the next term, though. What are your thoughts on a 5 year Presidency? And what do you think of the cost of the FLOTUS’s hotel stay?



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