The Oprah Thing That Has Infiltrated My Life

I have explained this time and again. I had spoken to Larry A. Thompson’s office years ago. I can give you the dates. I just don’t have my printed phone bill in front of me about his Oprah film. Also, I didn’t think much of it, because they said their funding was blocked.

It’s hard to see but in the name of Jesus they’re both me.

We know how showbiz is. Larry might have never wanted to make that film.

Then, I told people that maybe Oprah didn’t want the film made because she was abused, and that I could relate. They were still in the beginning stages of casting, and I was going through my own stuff being attacked left and right. I can’t even explain how bad it has been. Thank God I am happy by nature. Thank God I am a great mom.

This is my horrible sign language. Everyone starts somewhere. It’s so bad, that I shouldn’t share it but I am humble. No progress has been made on this for obvious reasons.

First, I will talk about the childish things. Yes, that is all my hair. Also, that shirt I was wearing is over 40 years old, and I just happened to come across it at the thrift store. I thought it was younger but it’s older. A few weeks later, I saw the picture of Oprah (shared at the bottom of the page).  Then I was taken back by it. I was speechless and I’m never speechless.

The Rocky photo on the bottom left is not touched up, the one in the middle is, and the one on the bottom right is not.


Oprah was supposed to bless me and my son, not curse us, but she has free will. Nothing can stop anyone else from being a friend of mine.

What the Lord has been trying to tell people for years is to do no harm to me and my son. I can’t tell you the magnitude of his judgments, or the magnitude of his grace based on your repentance.

I sent Oprah a message and said she should have produced her own film about her life a long time ago.


I just want people to know that what I do is love.





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