It’s Time To Do The Right Thing


In our society we need people to move in the direction of doing what is ethically and morally right on their own accord. We don’t need chaos but leaders and citizens who will do the right thing. No one is asking for perfection or anything close to it. Then we all can give each other a chance to correct what can be corrected. After that we have to know that our choices will lead to judgement, mercy or blessings.

We have to do something because sitting by and watching like everyone’s life is a reality TV show is not healthy nor acceptable. No one should ever suggest sitting by like that when dealing with real life situations.

Deep down we know when enough time has been given for repentance. It’s time to fix things or for new paths to be developed because we can’t keep traveling down the same blocked road. It’s time.

There’s even times when the leadership fails so much that the people have no choice but to fix things themselves because they know proper instruction will take too long or it’s just not coming. People know how to offer help and they don’t need a reason to offer it. They also know when it’s time to teach a life lesson and when it is not time to teach a life lesson.

I will see if I can pull some lessens from history. Nazi Germany is the best example and we do not want that in America.

They separated the children. Cut their hair off. Killed the families. Raped the young girls and women. Took their belongings. White people did this to white people. This is worth noting because many things fly under the radar when people are of the same race.  We also see this with black on black crime. It’s still racism and hate. This was a crime against humanity.

The people needed to act and to take action. They should not have ever denied help to each other. Hitler tried to take down the strongest amongst the Jews by spreading lies and propaganda. Then tying up their finances.

We can not have that in America or in the homes of our Global family and definitely not in New Jersey. Don’t wait around for change you have to make it happen.


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