Become A Power House

I have an outline that I’ve used in the past to help people with personal growth. I designed it years ago but I can’t share the whole outline. There are so many things I have prepared workshops, books, proto-types etc. Been prepared for years.

In this case…

We first define what Becoming a Power House is and they have to define what that statement means to them.

Then we speak about Discovery and Acknowledgement

  • Name 5 Good Things About Yourself
  • Name 3 Things That You Consider To Be Negative
  • Define The Areas Of Your Life That You Need To Work On
  • Is It Health, Step Family, Single Parent, Appearance, Income, The Way You Deal With Difficult People
  • Who Do You Want To Change For

Going over these things really helps to get things moving in the right direction.

I remember one time I sat down with a couple of college guys and we went through a short process of Becoming A Power House. So we go over things… I listen, they talk, I talk and we get to the end of it. Then I feel like this great mentor and like I’ve accomplished something and helped them move in the right direction. Eventually, I asked them, “Do you have anything else to say?” One of them says, “Yeah, we are headed to a party tonight want to go?” Of course I declined.



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