Watch Aguanga, CA Earthquakes

I noticed that Google suddenly stopped sharing the earthquakes in Aguanga, CA. I posted about watching that area the other day. I don’t care if I am wrong or right — this is not about ego for me. It is about the people. I hope I am wrong.  When a earthquake hits that will hit LA, it will hit Aguanga first. I am not a seismologist and I am sure they do their jobs well.

I was right about the Elon Musk SEC thing. People just wanted to get that money. That fee was way above normal.

Click here to watch earthquake activity.

**I looked yesterday and I noticed the earthquake data center has been hacked. Someone is editing the data. Yesterday it was way more obvious.

There’s no need to panic, but there is always a need to be aware. The states surrounding California should have action plans to help. When God puts something like this on your heart, he does not want you to let people die. He wants you to save as many as possible.

We have known since the Obama administration that there needed to be a very specific and organized plan. People can change all the dates on Google that they want, but we’ve known for years. As they say in the bible, “… for those who have ears let them hear”. No one should take this personally — this is not about me, you, or them. People need to stop being childish.

We have many companies and individuals who are invested in our country, and we need to look out not just for our people, but our investors.



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