Elon Musk Dreams Bigger Dreams Than Most Could Ever Imagine


Let’s talk a little about Elon Musk. I always admire people who go after their dreams. Even if it’s something basic like having your own brand name tequila.


He’s working on a few projects but the big one is his plan to colonize Mars using interplanetary transport systems.

I wonder if there will be bars on Mars to go with Elon’s Teslaquila?

Him and his crew have done amazing things out of SpaceX including building rockets that land but that’s just scraping the surface.

And then there’s the “Not a Flame Thrower” torches. They’ll keep everyone’s life interesting. ***Good for cooking breakfast.

Elon’s also turning out cars like a champ and personally I think everyone should own at least one Semi-Truck. They can be easily converted into a man caves.


Love the lower cost Tesla model 3.


The model 3 is sleek and sexy. Now for a little music.



***DO not cook your food with flamethrowers.



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