Random Words of Wisdom


Arguing with someone who is unreasonable is a waste of time. Fix whatever damage that person has done instead, and resolve the issue quickly.

If there are people you do not know very well, then get to know them. Do not assume bad things about them.

Love people who are different from you.

Married men and women should not drag innocent people into their personal problems.

If you are a woman, and you have done wrong, take responsibility quickly, because it can harm your family.

If you are a man and you have done wrong, quickly take responsibility as not to harm your family.

Do not teach cruelty to people who are learning. Instead, send a message of peace.

Cast off anyone who wishes to kill or harm innocent people, and make it known they are not acceptable.

Do not push away, waste, or mistreat your resources, because they will become someone else’s treasure.

If someone is in a powerful position, but hurting people, request that they step down after that Gods will is done.

When you know someone is doing something dangerous or cruel, you must speak out. Do not be an accomplice or part of that evil.

Even if you have a lot of power, do not yield it like a sword. Instead, do as Jesus did, and keep it contained.

Be open to hearing why people have done things instead of jumping to conclusions. However, if they have lied to you repeatedly, cast them off.

If someone is suffering, apply that length of time they are suffering to yourself. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Would you like to suffer that long?

Do not assume people’s belief systems, wealth, or health by their appearances. You must first get to know them.

When you are giving someone a last chance, let them know — “This is your last chance.” — then let God’s will be done.

Know that some people do not need your help, but they ask for it anyway to create a good working relationship.

Setting people up is not justice it is sin.

Stay away from people’s demands of loyalty if it could ruin your honorability. People who care for you do not ask for that kind of loyalty.

Love does not strong arm unnecessarily.

If a person does not wish to pray then let them not pray. Do not force things on others.

But if a person chooses to pray. Pray ten times a day and you will be at peace. A good prayer is “God help us.“, because he knows just what to do. Do not be puffed up in your prayers. Some prayers require that you get down on your knees.


This is wisdom.

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