Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian Need To Talk


Hey ya’ll lets just say I heard this through the grapevine. Essentially, Lauren Hashian lied to a whole bunch of people and said that I was sleeping with Dwayne to make me seem like a homewrecker. I am not implying this is why…Sometimes women don’t want to break up so they use someone else as an excuse. I’m always supportive of women, so if Lauren needed help she could have asked me to do PR.

Obviously she felt empowered by that show that I did for OWN but it wasn’t completely true…Just a made for TV situation. I did not steal a man away from his wife. Maybe me letting everyone know this happened will bring Lauren and Dwayne closer.

I am not mad at her for saying that I slept with Dwayne but I am disappointed by her behavior.

When one of the reasons that I contacted him was to ink a business arrangement on a book that I wanted to make featuring him.

This would have helped me overcome what was happening in my personal life. The situation was of no fault of my own and I am not ready to speak about it beyond what people already know.

I understand that there are some women you can’t trust or work with but I am not that woman.

Lauren, as a woman,  should not have said these lies because then it made other women and men feel justified in trying to judge me even though I had done anything wrong.

I know that women can be tempted or have experienced things that are unsettling but to lie on someone who is a mom just like you is not the mature approach. Lauren knows that my son who is Academically gifted, yet neurodiverse, did not need these type of accusation thrown at his mother. He’s been fighting for me while people have been lying on us.

Lauren is a marvelous person over all and I always wish her the best. She has a beautiful voice. There’s no hostility here and I pray that God blesses her and her children.


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