Insight on Politics to a Super Mega Star


This is an excerpt from an email to a Star of me explaining politics to them. I have other more enthusiastically funny ones and some that are very serious or a bit curious depending on if I got 1 or 3 hours of sleep. I told one of the Epic World Wide people that I will, if we agree, have the messages made into a book with artwork. I support living writers and living artist.

The excerpt below is very important knowledge for the general public to have in order for them to have a better understanding of how politics works. It could prevent hate filled people from getting in office and being over technology that could hurt a lot of people or even worse deconstruct the United States of America.

Make sure to watch the entire video but if you can’t… Start it around 7 then go through to 12 then pick up again at 17.

Read below:

I’ve been skimming news reports.

I’m seeing red flags in the media that someone wants to crush your reputation.

The way it works is they go really negative in the media, start to make you seem incompetent and that’s all to make people have less empathy for you.I pick up on patterns. This isn’t your usual run of the mill negative news reporting.
We are approaching 2019 Presidential season and you are tied to some very high profile people, some who may not have the best of intentions.  With all the politics going on and from a personal analysis of the situation you would benefit from paying attention to politicians you are close to. If they say things like “Don’t worry”, “I have your back”, “We’ll keep it quiet.” Also, pay attention to behaviors like if they are willing to talk openly to the public about things.

Are they present and seen with you recently? Have you noticed any inconsistency in their behavior? Do they have a pattern of lying? Are they telling you people want to take advantage of you, when they are taking advantage of you?

Also, one politician can seem like they are helping a person while taking bribes from another person so they only help enough to make it seem like they are helping when they know they will never help because they have been paid off by someone else.

In politics you can’t trust anyone to take care of a major problem but you…Because just as soon as you tell someone to take care of something, someone else is telling them not to.

Go with your gut. Some politicians have no problem throwing you under the bus.

Here is a video I was watching tonight. I know you are busy so just listen from 7 to 12 minutes.



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