A Message for Women and Families

I know it’s tempting when you get around other women to act a fool and do what they say.


Yet, as adults, we have to know the difference between right and wrong.


We all have to understand that lying may work temporarily, but it hurts everyone in the long run.


When the boss is hiring people, they understand that, at the end of the day, they want someone who is honorable. That person does not have to be perfect.


The rewards from being honorable are immeasurable, and it helps to contribute to a better future for everyone.


Every little person that we demonstrate strong morals and ethical codes to will more likely grow up to be more decent human beings.


Then, every family and every type of people can become what they need to become.


And, when we get older, we all can rest a little.

**I would like to say thank you to my son who proofreads my blog. You’re a great help, son.


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