Home and Shelter 2035


For four years, I had complaints about the local shelter, and I emailed people, posted a letter on my Instagram, and talked to several of the women.

It is my hope that the shelter has improved vastly because of my efforts and because of others in the community who have been very vocal.

All of the women I got to speak to were growing and trying to get to a better place. Many of them were victims of abuse, and others were recovering from drug use. Regardless of what was going on, each of them have the right to consistently be treated with humility and kindness, and not just when people are dropping in.

I did try to visit and have a workshop, but they couldn’t get approval for me to have a workshop.

It is my hope that nonprofits begin to support women from both sides of assisting and then empowering women by utilizing woman-owned businesses. The best way to keep women out of shelters is to make sure they are financially stable. #InvestInWomen

*I would like to see a shelter model built and attached to active malls. Then develop life development, housing and restoration programs inside of dead malls. This will include resources, housing, food, education, workshops for the general public, fitness, shuttle service to employment and general activities and lounges. Anything like this has to have a shuttle service, personal transportation and free access to where people need to go.

Don’t worry about the funding…Care about the people.

The goal is to end homelessness by 2035. I’ve also been paying close attention to what’s available to our military when they return home from training or active duty.


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