Mistaking the Meaning of Words

I was speaking to someone the other day about sound bites, and about how they are often used as tools of abuse in politics. Taking a phrase in isolation and out of context can be beneficial or dangerous.

Sometimes, a sentence can change meaning by omitting a word or two.

The other day, I was looking at pictures of my old gym, the Lifetime Fitness in Cary, North Carolina, and as I looked at the beautiful pictures of the gym, I kept on saying, “I miss my gym. I miss my gym.”

Now, if I don’t know the context of those words and have no visual reference then it could mean I miss my gym as pictured below:


Again, if there is no context at all, then “I miss my gym” could be taken as “I miss my Jim”, as in Jimmy Fallon, a comedian, or Jim Corbett, a British hunter.


Then you get into the question of what are you missing? Do you miss watching the show? Or do you miss the actual person? You get my point.

Words can be very complicated.


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