Chatter About Governor Murphy and YOUTUBE


Supporting Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy doesn’t like for people to say racist things and he’s laying down the law.  Click the link.

When I was growing up this area was pretty racist. Pitman, NJ was bad. They’d think nothing of calling young children of color the “N word.” Pitman has changed a lot in race relations. Vincent and I visited the Pitman Library and everyone was nice to us there. Their shift is proof that things can change and people can change. We just have to know when a society and areas are willing to change. People don’t just talk about changing they show you they’ve changed.

I support Phil in many regions. Now, if we can just get some lower taxes and if he could send me and my son… who is part Irish BTW a Phil Murphy T-shirt that would be great!

When I visit his page no number comes up to call the office. I don’t know why there is no number. Governor Murphy needs a number.

I really would like to speak with him about Cancer research and the great strides that we have been making but instead of speaking to him in person I will have to settle for posting it here for now.

The office of the Governor should add a downloadable educational pamphlet about CRISPR technology. Then strongly and very publicly encourage biology teachers in High Schools all over the state to share the information with the students. They could get this done in less than 1 month. Teenagers would be very interested. I met a woman in her 20’s who was diagnosed with Cancer 3 times and she is cured and healthy now working in the hospital. To my knowledge she did not use CRISPR. She never did chemo and her hair was long. Such a lovely lady. (I watched all the videos in the attachment to this paragraph BTW)

Betsy Devos the United States Secretary of Education

YouTube and Education

On a side note, it is time for YouTube to sort through their videos and label the ones that can be used for educational purposes. I’ve already come up with ideas for how YouTube can change the educational landscape. After applying for a FAFSA and the money never coming through, I’ve become certain that we need to increase access to different ways of getting college credit. I am fully aware of what already is available but the more paths the merrier.

We can label the videos that are acceptable learning resources. They can place questions every 20 minutes in the videos. Then have the students submit writing samples. Let a computer read their notebooks and scan the notebooks for handwriting verification. No SAT required but all the courses are worth 2 credits or less. Every new system is questionable but all things are possible.


I know some Republicans don’t like Governor Murphy but before you even try to get bent out of shape about me supporting Phil Murphy, even though I am an Independent, here is a print out from one of my past bank statements.


Also, I am a past donor for Senator Cory Booker going all the way back to 2013 but my hacker won’t let me upload the photo. That top line there is support and the third one down is self-explanatory. I also tried to upload pictures of my checkbooks from my company in NC and my business license but again my hacker would not let me upload. People are always curious about me so I try to be accommodating.

Thank you for reading.



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