A Message To Women In The Workplace

I have a boatload of references and I always encourage women in the workplace to get references during their time of employment and after.

The reference for the job below was for Administrative Assistant under the owner.

Women have to look out for people who may try to downgrade their position or lie about their work performance. This happens to women a lot.


The other thing I see happening to women in the workplace is scapegoating. I have had jobs where I came in and the person before me did not do their job. That then required me to do an audit of the situation upon arrival.

That way it was made clear that I was the person picking up the slack and not the actual problem. Women of color suffer from a lot of lies, scapegoating and mistreatment…All women do.

Be smart and make sure you get references. If you do workshops, get written feedback at each workshop.



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