Bad Parents and Evil Parents


I am an excellent parent but some parents aren’t so when I meet people who believe that a child must have a parents blessing I tell them the truth. They don’t need the blessings of a parent who is no good. There are parents who would lie, sabotage, plot and attempt anything. They get caught but hey.

The goal is to catch them before it’s too late.

Click here to see what some of these “Parents” did.

You can also click here to look at family violence.

These people are sick. Same things can happen with siblings and cousins. The really sick ones will try and make it seem like the person they were trying to hurt is the one who is dangerous.

These people will take everything and try to spin it in their favor but fail. We know in the end justice is served.

What makes sick minded people persist is their false belief that they can create doubt or cover things up. Criminals can be very arrogant.


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