A Public Notice Distributed in Glassboro NJ

I sent out a Public Notice to the community yesterday and over the past week to keep everyone up to date and in a positive frame of mind.


It’s important in this age of swift traveling information that we keep people informed about our intent, who we are and our belief system. People often fight to preserve The Ego but the predecessor to The Ego is human life.

This is what was stated on one of my fliers…

Dear Community Members

We are kind to Christian people.

We are kind to Jewish people.

We are kind to Buddist people.

We are kind to Mormon people.

We are kind to Muslim people.

We are kind to Agnostic people.

We are kind to Atheist people.

We Are Courteous

We are not politicians, but we’ve had people get angry at us for being kind and loving, so they ran around saying that we hate people that we love. This caused some serious struggle for us.

Let us be clear: We are thankful for all kinds of people. Your color, sex, and religion don’t matter to us. What we care about is how we can work together to build something worth keeping. Each and every one of us can rise.

We hope this gives you some comfort.

Keep loving and we wish you and your family joy, good health, privilege, and prosperity.

*** We have to stay safe, so if someone contacts you with dangerous lies about us please report them because we are just neighborhood helpers. You can call the State Police at (609) 882-2000 or the FBI (973) 792-3000. The FBI has anonymous reporting.



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