Just A Message For The World

You can’t say that you are sorry something happened and continue to do it at the same time. You would be unrepented.


I remember when I met a woman and she was telling me how her husband was in his homeland, Jamaica, and trying to return to the states. She said that he was getting his life straight and making changes. This is a sign of repentance. Then she told me about her son, Malachi. After hearing what was going on with his parents, I knew right away that the child needed comfort. He needed something good to happen in his life because his parent’s bills were strained.

No one had to ask me to do it.

My son had two small game consoles and he favored his Nintendo DS, so I gave his PSP to Malachi.

Of course, down the line, the Nintendo was discontinued in 2013, but that’s OK because I plan on getting him a new PSP. The PSP was also discontinued. Help people where you can. Have mercy on children. When you look at other peoples kids look at them as your own.


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