Everybody Inside All In

The Parable of the Wondering Blind Man

There was a blind man who lost track of time and a massive storm rolled in unexpected. He was in an area that he knew but the landscape changed quickly from the wind and rain. He couldn’t hear with the thunder rolling in. There were several houses and a woman looking at him through the window. She knew that if she did not let him in that he would die because he was blind. Even worse was the thought that he would end up dead in her yard.  Swiftly the lady of the house decided that he would be safe inside her home and feeling so inspired by saving one life that she would allow every blind person in during the storm. Once she got the man inside she fed him, gave him warm clothes and a bed to sleep in. He thanked her profusely and when asked where he was going. He said, “I was headed for cataract surgery.” His blindness was temporary.  Even better the man was very rich and just wanted to get around on his own. Then he gave her the blessed assurance of friendship and that he would return her mercy and kindness one day.


Speaking of Cataracts…eyesbridgetosafety Scientist are expecting the burden of blindness to grow substantially just over the next few years. It doesn’t have to be that way. We need to take action to recruit more American eye doctors to travel to Africa to help them. Increasing the amount of students who wish to become Ophthalmologist is smart.

We should not be sitting by watching a bunch of black people suffer in blindness and in poverty unnecessarily. This is an abomination. On a global level, we should be ashamed. This is not how the world is, this is how we have allowed it to be.

We all know that people having the gift of sight helps them to thrive. Try walking around blind for a day and let me know how much work you can get done.



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