The Prophets of God


The Prophets

There are prophets today.

Some say they do not exist.

For those people, you can use the phrase, “People who are prophetic.”

They are not required to reveal what they know to you except in Gods timing.

They may be instructed by God to be still or stay quiet because they know the Lord is going to cast you into judgment or save you.

God can save entire groups and cast entire groups into judgment if he chooses.

Then he can sort through them. There could be 4 people and He will say you two can go that way and you two can go the other. However, God can say all 4 go that way because He does as He pleases.

Listening to the wrong people can cast you into judgment or honesty can deliver you out of it.

God knows what he will account 1 for as a 100 or 1 for as a 1,000 or 1 for as 10,000 or 1 for as 100,000, or 1 for as 1,000,000.

God knows who will accept the phrase “The Holy Spirit told me”.

God knows who will blame him for things that He did not tell them to do.

God knows who is just looking for a reason to attack you. He knows who sits and won’t do right so they can attack you for sticking up for yourself. God knows.

God knows who will go to great lengths and travel great distances and roam the earth to plant lies and deception.

God Sees All. God Saves All. God Judges All.


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