Telling The Truth


People who lie and lie and lie again cannot be helped if they hear a calling for honesty but they refuse to give it. As they say repent. There are times when you don’t hear a call for honesty but there are times when it is louder than a drum.

*Is it more likely people will think to themselves, “This is one of those times that I do not hear a call for honesty?” Yes, that’s because it’s convenient.

Do not trust money, nor power, nor high esteem, nor worldliness, nor the works of your own hands but instead trust the calling that you hear inside of you.

Trust that still small voice that says. “Tell the truth.”

It takes people who yield the strongest faith, the strongest belief and vastest grace to say, “Tell the truth.”

No one on this earth is ever completely honest. I know that.

The thing to remember that even if your family fails you God controls every man, woman, and child on this earth. He can override anyone and everything. I’m telling you the truth. He does as he pleases.


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