Today I Woke Up and Called Lyss Remaly


When I woke up, I called Lyss Remaly with my morning voice. The other day I was surfing the web and came across some of her photos and videos. She looked so amazing that I had to give her a call. It was just to tell her how great she looked.

I use to weigh 230 pounds, so I know what she went through to lose that weight. At 5’4″ that’s a size 22 folks. Our stories are a little different, because I never had any kind of surgery, or used any kind of weight loss product 10 years ago when I lost the weight  but that’s OK. She did what she had to do, and she has been very honest about that.

There’s about 15 pounds on me that I need to drop from a knee injury, and a few other things. However, I’m glad that I never gained the weight back. Yesterday, I was wearing a very comfortable size 8. It’s hard for things to heal upright when you can’t get off the leg. Thank God I am not a jogger, because I would have been truly devastated when I hit that backward lunge with weights the wrong way.

Alls I need is a gym, vitamins, water and the right food for a month and a half to get the 15lbs off.

Enough about me here is Lyss Remaly’s story.


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