Why I Did Not Endorse Dwayne Johnson


When I listed Dwayne as a good option for filling a Mayor position it was kinda like what Rumspringa is to the Amish or maybe like when your kid starts asking you to go to that party when you know they shouldn’t go. In the entertainment arena he is a mastermind, but in politics he would have to take care of the disabled people and the aging population. He would have to make sure people who are not like him would live and not die. He would have to make sure every woman and child was safe. This is something I have spent my whole life doing outside of politics.  Most people don’t believe that Dwayne would do that long-term in the political arena.

Money is super important to Dwayne but your life is super important to me and your kids are super important to me and your family is super important to me. This is why I can’t endorse him.

People in politics are professionals and real lives hang in the balance.

The whole point of my previous post was to open peoples eyes to see that there is a whole world of options out there. It was to give the state back to the people and have them make decisions of what is right for them. Click here to see my previous post.  Think big.

Even seeing all the good that Dwayne could do because he has money I still can’t endorse him. Filling professional positions is very complicated and you have to think about things from all angles. It’s not a black and white thing.

Also, it looks like Barak Obama is too busy for Senate.

There is no time in politics for he said she said like in the entertainment industry. These are real lives and real people. It’s not a joke. There are facts to stick with and laws to follow and complaints to be filed. Once people in entertainment enter politics they can’t get a pass on a lot of things that they get a pass on in entertainment.

Politics is a vicious cycle.


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