I System Checked Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo77 Of course the R is missing on You. Ya win some,you lose some. Glad to see atleast a few of my messages are getting through the ghosting.


I’ve been messaging Leo about what has been happening to me and my son because we’ve just been trying to do good things. We’ve both always have accepted everyone and I make sure to teach him about acceptance to keep him on the right track.

Leo helps to protect our environment and all that small stuff about who he’s sleeping with and what he’s doing in his private time is not a concern for me.

Us being able to step outside and not wear a face mask is more important.

He gives really good advice too. It’s nice when a man can give good advice.

This movie…Titanic still makes me says Wow!

Here is Leo speaking to the U.N. I agree with Leo…We are the last, best hope of earth.



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