Women’s Center of Wake County

Thoughts About the Women’s Center of Wake County

When I lived in North Carolina me and my son use to visit the Women’s Center of Wake County. We met some of the nicest people there.  One thing that we agreed on was it’s important for people to get around so we use to buy bus passes for the women there.

I’m not saying this to brag. I am saying this to demonstrate what fruitfulness looks like. You could have given these people nothing and the staff there still would have greeted you with a smile on their face.


For them their job was to treat every human being with courtesy and humility regardless of if they were homeless, donating thousands, or donating a dollar. If you ever visit Raleigh please drop them a donation because they are truly helping people. Of course they also take donations by mail.

*And by all means keep your receipts like I do and write it off on your taxes. I do the anonymous thing too but everything needs a balance.

A Conversation About Autism At the Women’s Center of Wake County

One day while visiting the center I got to speak to a social worker there about Autism. She told me this story about an adult with Autism who had a problem using the bathroom. He had a hard time going because he did not like the sensation so his stools became hard as a rock in his colon. What happens is they wait too long to go so when they go it’s painful and it creates a problem. Some just don’t like the wiping process and getting feces on their hands upsets them.  The person we were speaking about was still learning. Eventually his colon rumptured and he was rushed to the hospital and almost died. This is why it’s very important to pay attention to people with autism who struggle with this problem. Many of them can push past it but some will end up needing to take a laxative here and there to clear their system. It’s best to speak to a doctor about this matter but make sure you pay attention. Sometime you can tell by the way they smell when they are near you. Here is a great link that offers 5 strategies for dealing with constipation. 


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