Pawns, The Legal System and Personal Growth


For years, I’ve watched just about every part of our society.

Shockingly, the people in our legal system, more specifically the police, are frequently used as pawns. I’m an honest person, so I know how people attack those who promote justice.

I am in no way denying the injustice of some officers.

When I was younger, a boy I knew got shot and killed in Glassboro, and it took away my feelings of indestructibility.

Often, I have to correct myself in private and say that the officers today are not the ones who did this, even though I found myself saying this the other night.

A lot of the problems in the black community could easily be prevented by our black leaders refusing to play the game. They should help lift up every person of color, regardless of party, who they are dating, or what church they go to, as long as they are trying to do right.

Black men, in particular, have already demonstrated their determination to lift up non-blacks, so this is why I assert that there needs to be more general support in lifting up both males and females of color.


My Personal Interactions with the Police

Much of my negative interactions with police have been due to misinformation, lies, and propaganda. Although a few have had chips on their shoulders. I’ve always done my best to establish a healthy relationship with the police.

When my son was younger, I took him to police-sponsored programs in Cary, North Carolina, to make sure his first few years of introduction to the police were positive.  Keeping things positive can be tricky with split loyalties, but life is complicated, so it is what it is.

Let me tell you what happened on the other night.

A man assaulted me the other night. He did it because he has an addiction and people around him who are enablers. He did not break anything. It was minor, but he has other things on his record. I know what his childhood and upbringing were like, but there was a large portion that I missed. When I returned to town, I heard story after story after story about what happened while I was away. From this information, I came to a conclusion.

That since our jail system continues to fail at rehabilitating people, it does not make any sense to lock him up because he has an alcohol addiction. What makes the most sense is sending him to an intensive treatment center, where he can receive counseling for anger management and actual rehabilitation to become a stable productive citizen.

I’m not going to tell the judge what to do, of course, but by sending him to residential treatment licensed professionals, they can show him how to regulate his behavior in a healthy way. As a mother, I have to focus my attention on making sure my son does not become a statistic and this is why I can not invest my time in this other person. It takes people years to get this way, but with the combination of residential programs and therapy, he will improve, but he has to want it.

This guy can be a better man. Women cannot accept him in the frame of mind that he is in. If, and only if, he gets it together, he can be a more inspiring Dad, brother, cousin, son, or husband. He’s always looking for The One, but he’s got to get it together for more than a couple of days.

Once again…He can make it but I can’t do it because the cycle has to be broken.

Intermission T.I. & Keri Hilson


Our Current Leader Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker said the jail system needs to change. However, it is unfortunate that Senator Booker knew for years about the potential problems that could arise from the situation above and did nothing. I am still waiting for a good explanation as to why he played the wait-and-see game with our wellbeing, and I’m dumbfounded as to how rumors started that I was dating Cory, Dwayne, or Tim. I do not know them. Maybe someone wanted to create a false buzz. That person is not me because I don’t play games with my relationships. That stuff is sacred to me.

This is a good video to watch.

It is time for our citizens to stop misusing each other and allowing the system to turn us into pawns. As Senator Booker pointed out we have a lot of African Americans under criminal supervision. A lot of that is happening because people are systematically trying to set people up through the abuse of technology.

Please remember we all have a right to The Pursuit of Happiness.


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