Writers Sometimes are Telling Stories about their Lives

There are many times when I write about what’s going on in my life or things that are happening to me. I find writing to be the healthiest outlet for reducing stress.

Sometimes people are just, you know, evil and hurtful.

I always try to do what is healthy, especially for my mental health. It’s important to keep a sound mind and body.

Writers know that our personal thoughts are very special. Many things that we write are meant to be torn up and thrown out.

Sometimes people like to sneak and look at what I am writing about when I’m not there. I find this to be harassing and intrusive.

Here is a little book from Stephen King. I like him because he is very authentic. Oddly enough I’m not big on horror films but I came up with a pretty good one. I just need to write some of the script. The whole story is centered around a nanny. I told Film producer David Boorboor about it when I took him to church with me and on the phone.

However, because of the storyline we may actually need to develop laws before the film could be released.

My son is a great writer and he also enjoys writing stories. He struggled in English growing up but I figured out that once I removed restrictions on the content his creative writing flourished.


David, pictured here, loves the scary stuff. I was fortunate enough to interview him a couple years back.

I will dig up the write up on a different day.

David told me he was mostly healed of his Fibromyalgia but then suddenly fell ill. Of course I sent him some encouraging words. Plus he’s a former marine who took a bullet during training. I truly do hope he gets better.

Even though we have drastically different taste in films he was still very supportive of my film ideas.


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