Penn Resilience Program is Positive Psychology


I had wanted to go to Penn State for organizational management, but then I ended up enrolling at FIT (Florida Institute of Technology).

Unfortunately, the FAFSA money was tied up, along with my percentage of backpay for another matter. On top of that, I was dealing with a hacking problem. In that mess, I decided to take care of what I could control, and that was educating my son.

One thing I liked about FIT is if you are paying without a FAFSA grant, they run a tight ship when it comes down to your personal records. With privacy being an issue nowadays, that’s a great thing.

I actually had a woman that I kept on bumping into at the McDonald’s in Glassboro, NJ over the past couple of years who kept on telling me horror stories about Penn State. I am always leery when I get those type of reviews. She was super fixated on Oprah, and we talked a little bit about politics. She ended up getting into it with me over following Paul, who many theologians believe was not an apostle, over following Jesus.

I always try to find the good in things, and overall, I still believe that Penn State is a great school. In their resilience program, they teach students how to solve complex problems. Solving complex problems is something our government and communities will need to learn because of ET (Emerging Technology). I want to share a little information with you from the program, and then I will direct you to Penn State and the course they have available on Coursera.

Penn wants its students and leaders to fight against bias by identifying what is causing problems. By figuring out the cause, individuals can come up with sound, relevant solutions.

According to Penn to solve complex problems you should consider these four things:

  • Factors not initially identified
  • Evidence that each factor contributed to the problem
  • Which factors are controllable
  • Solution strategies

These four short targets are enough to drastically change outcomes in a person’s life if they are properly and consistently applied. Their program teaches things from self-regulation to strengthening character.

I believe that our government and communities are firmly committed to growing in the right direction, so I will be writing the University of Pennsylvania and letting them know they are welcome to hold a workshop at any library in Gloucester County.

Click here for Penn

Click here for the Penn Coursera Class


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