Crashing Markets and Technological Treaties

Word travels much quicker than it used, to and if we see someone intentionally try to cause volatility for some of our major companies through lies and deceit, this should automatically be treated as an act of terror. Terror is the act of trying to invoke extreme fear. Both my son and I have been victims of this, and the only thing any of us can do is learn something from it.

For people to weaponize lies against any of our CEO’s is a problem that is not to be taken lightly, as some of these companies have over 500,000 employees that could be affected.

In one day, if any group decided to target our major companies, hubs, and CEO’s with lies, this could destabilize the world economy. All they would have to do is target a large group of them in a short span of time. It just depends on what the lies are.

This is just another reason why we need a Technological Treaty and a Technological Constitution.


By the way, our news outlets have a greater responsibility than you ever could imagine. We as individuals also have the same great responsibility. We need to be critical thinkers and when presented with new information ask:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? And… How?


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