Random Thoughts on Kings, Queens, and Princesses and Honesty



Amongst my favorite people in the world are HRH Prince William and Duchess Kate. My love for them comes from the constant remembrance of William’s mother, Princess Diana. They have to deal with politics as well as charity, and I often think how hard it must be to be in such a position.


When you have to sort through information and try to decide what is true and what is false or what is good and what is bad, it can be rather difficult.

The truth about lies is that you only believe what you want to believe. People lie to me about others all the time, but then they quickly learn that I am not a person you should lie to. Lies degrade everything, create injustice, and depending on who you lie on, can cause immeasurable trouble.

One of the best things we can offer our world leaders is honesty, and I hope we have more honest leaders, especially with the shift in AI.


Yesterday, I spoke to a politician’s office and gave them some insight on the mistreatment and complaints that I’ve gotten from the women in the local shelter.

Citizens are always welcome to give suggestions for policies. More Americans exercising this right would be a great thing. Whenever we contact politicians, it is best to tell them the truth so they can better meet the needs of the community.

Have a great day. Here are some more random photos.




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