All Forms of Discrimination, Laws are Complicated

Here are some political and legal philosophies… Just my humble opinion These are only to be taken as opinions. I am not a lawyer.

*All forms of discrimination are political because they are judged by legislation which comes about through the political process.

I have no desire to be a lawyer but discrimination in the workforce has to consider many matters like… Were you actually working when the discrimination took place? Sexual harassment same thing. Do you in some way doubly victimize the victim? Did you break the law or target individuals to invalidate a valid lawsuit? That’s just something else they can sue for…

Some businesses have set hours.

Other businesses have contracts.

Some people have contracts with separately specified hours.

Some people do free consultations and some people do not.

Did a person actually apply for a position if they did not fill out an application? Expressed interest is not an application.

Did a person or company actually offer you job if it’s not in writing?

It’s all very hairy business.

Then there are Tort Laws

The negative media very often is enough justification for companies, organizations, and individuals to just write the check.

People also have to consider certain factors that are often taken more seriously in the court of law. Race, sex, disabilities, marital status, age discrimination etc. Any trifecta in discrimination lawsuits would make the courts much less able to brush a lawsuit under the carpet.

If the shoe fits.



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